Brief Introduction about Da Nang, Vietnam

1. Our company:

Danang Expats LLC was founded in 2012, opening its first office in Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City. With a consistent of Danang Expats founder’s mission (Mr Nien Vo): “Coordinating with expats who are living and working in Da Nang”, up to now 2020, Danang Expats LLC has been coordinating more than 1000+ expats and Overseas Vietnamese in and around Da Nang, Vietnam.

Please pay a visit to “About Us” for our detailed services, our team and our company vision. Our valued customers:

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Since September, 2012

2. Da Nang overview:

Welcome to Da Nang – one of the most beautiful beach and livable cities of Vietnam! Here are some key reasons why you should choose Da Nang as your next relocation destination:

+ Strategic location.

+ Developed infrastructure.

+ Qualified human resources.

+ Pro-business environment

+ Rich tourism potential.

+ Peaceful living environment.

+ Low-carbon model city.

+ With 5 No’s, 3 Have’s and 4 Safe.

3. Da Nang City of 5 No’s, 3 Have’s and 4 Safe:

With 05 No’s: No extremely poor households, No dropouts, No tramps, No robbery-murder and No drug addicts;

With 03 Have’s: Have housing, Have job, Have urban civilized lifestyle;

And with 4 Safe: Public Order and Security, Traffic Safety, Food Safety and Social Security.

4. Da Nang by 2030:

+ A major socio-economic center of the country and Southeast Asia, holding the role of a center for entrepreneurship, innovation, tourism, commerce, finance, logistics, high-tech, IT and ancillary industries;

+ A leading cultural – sports, education – training, high-quality medical and scientific – technological center of the country;

+ A host of regional and international events;

+ An international port city and coastal metropolis that is the nucleus and growth pole of the key economic zone of the Central – Central Highlands region;

+ An ecological, modern and smart urban zone and a worth-living, friendly, happy and innovative city.

5. Da Nang vision towards 2045:

Da Nang will have become an ecological and smart metropolis, a center of innovation and entrepreneurship and a coastal city worth living in Asia.