Introduction about Danang Expats

1. Our story:

Danang Expats LLC was founded in 2012, opening its first office in Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City. With a consistent of Danang Expats founder’s purpose (Nien Vo): Coordinating with expats living in Da Nang, up to now 2020 Danang Expats LLC has been coordinating more than 1000+ expats in and around Da Nang, Vietnam.

2. Our company:

Please pay a visit to “About Us” for our detailed services, our team and our company vision.

3. Our people:

Danang Expats LLC has more than 10+ employees and business partners in 2020. Danang Expats BOM will always strive for training and leading our people to get their expertise and for maintaining and improving our service quality.

4. Our customers:


5. Our commitment to community:

We will contribute positively to our expat community in Da Nang in particular and in Vietnam in general, by offering our professional services and by providing our useful research to the communities.

6. Da Nang Today:

+ Strategic location.

+ Developed infrastructure.

+ Qualified human resources.

+ Pro-business environment

+ Rich tourism potential.

+ Peaceful living environment.

+ Low-carbon model city.

7. Da Nang by 2030:

Da Nang will have become a major socio-economic center of the country and Southeast Asia, holding the role of a center for entrepreneurship, innovation, tourism, commerce, finance, logistics, high-tech, IT and ancillary industries; a leading cultural – sports, education – training, high-quality medical and scientific – technological center of the country; a host of regional and international events; an international port city and coastal metropolis that is the nucleus and growth pole of the key economic zone of the Central – Central Highlands region; an ecological, modern and smart urban zone and a worth-living, friendly, happy and innovative city with strong organizations of the Communist Party and political system, its government taking the lead in innovation and development, unparalleled living standards and quality of life, consolidated national defense and sea and island security and sovereignty.

8. Da Nang vision towards 2045:

Da Nang will have become an ecological and smart metropolis, a center of innovation and entrepreneurship and a coastal city worth living in Asia.

9. Da Nang City of 5 No’s, 3 Have’s and 4 Safe:

5 No’s: No extremely poor households, No dropouts, No tramps, No robbery-murder and No drug addicts;

3 Have’s: Have housing, Have job, Have urban civilized lifestyle;

And 4 Safe: Public Order and Security, Traffic Safety, Food Safety and Social Security.