Danang Expats Business Support Services for Startups

(Tiếng Việt: Dịch vụ tư vấn đầu tư và hỗ trợ thành lập doanh nghiệp có vốn đầu tư nước ngoài – Danang Expats).

It would be glad to announce that we’ve run our facilitating services on establishing a foreign owned company and on supporting business startups in and around Da Nang, Viet Nam since January, 2015.

Do you want to open a foreign owned/ invested company in and around Da Nang? Or are you having trouble with local language and legislation barriers when working with the government authorities? Do you want to hire business consultant or business registration services to help you setting up a business and then running it smoothly at local costs? Don’t worry, our one-stop service is here for you. With a service fee of USD $05 – $3300 depending on the size and area of your company, and depending on each service, we will be happy to assist you.

1. Overview: 

Situated in the central region of Vietnam with strategic geographical position, developed physical infrastructure and open investment climate, Da Nang has been an attractive destination for foreign investors. However, existing administrative procedures together with legal, cultural and language barriers have made the procedures for establishing 100% foreign-owned/ invested enterprises very complicated and time consuming.

Therefore, we see the urgency of our supports to help foreign investors establish companies or subsidiaries in a professional and timely manner. With our assistance, instead of wasting your valuable time and human power on figuring out the troublesome paperwork, you would be able to utilize them on other essential tasks, such as brainstorming for effective business strategies penetrating into the new market.

2. Our fully services:

3. Why Danang Expats?

  • Gaining more and more credibility and reputation from our customers.
  • Near 06 year experience in operating assistance services for foreigners in Viet Nam.
  • Near 10 year local knowledge on the most livable Vietnam city.
  • Understanding about the differences between business climates as well as our customers’ difficulties.
  • Professional and responsive and foreign languages speaking staffs.
  • International standard but local prices.

4. We provide cost effective services:
What makes Danang Expats outstanding from other counterparts is that we are committed to provide the professional services at the most locally reasonable prices.
Service fee: USD $05 – USD $3300, depending on each service and on the size and area of your projects.

5. Detailed service fees:

  • $1100/project for business registration;
  • $550/license for extra business licenses;
  • $110/month for supporting tax report or bookkeeping;
  • $165/year for alerting business projects/ regulations;
  • $5/event for promoting a business event;
  • $5/job for advertising a job offer;
  • $33/hour for business translation;
  • $165/applicant for consulting investment visa;
  • $330/applicant for getting WPEC;
  • $330/applicant for getting TRC;

These above fees include VAT of our service contract;

These above fees exclude: fees for document affidavit/legalization/notarized translation, travelling fee to other cities/provinces and any arising fees after running your business.

Please make an appointment on your coming via our hotline/ email.

Vo Thanh Nien (Henry)

Founder/ Director

Danang Expats Co. Ltd

Rep Office: 31 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau, Da Nang , Vietnam.

Hotline/ Zalo/ WhatsApp/ Viber: +84-127-715-1618.

Work Email: nien.vo@danangexpats.com