Danang Expats Translation Services

Local professional translation services available in English, Vietnamese and other languages.

(Dịch vụ Dịch thuật Danang Expats – Nhận biên phiên dịch cho người nước ngoài ở Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam).

Danang Expats provides a full range of translation services to individual and companies in Da Nang, including document translation, expat assistance and on-site interpretation. Our well-trained team of translators and interpreters are your keys to overcome the language barrier while doing business with your non-English speaking clients and other hassles of translating and notarizing your organization’s paperwork.

Danang Expats
Dịch vụ dịch thuật Danang Expats.

1. On-site interpretation:
Whether traveling personally in Da Nang or needing help with communicating with limited English speaking clients or patients, you can connect with our personal interpreter at very competitive rates.
Interpreters: From $33/hour.
Business interpreters: available upon request (local & native interpreters).

2. Document Translation:
Specializing in business and commercial texts, we guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation services in these fields by making sure we assign every document translation to the most appropriate specialized and qualified staff.
Document translations can be certified, notarized and legalized to meet your exact requirements.
Quotes of certified and notarized translation:
– From English to Vietnamese: From $07/page.
– From Vietnamese to English: From $10/page.
Copies of a translation: $1/ document (<10 pages, cheaper if more than 10 pages).
Other languages: available upon request.

Here are several documents that we often translate:

– Driver licenses;

– Educational qualifications/ certificates;

– Criminal record/ Police check;

– Business licenses/contracts;

– Work contract; work permit dossiers.

3. Signature certification:

Our fee: $10/hour (assisting time) + $07/page (document translation).

4. Expat assistance:
Expat coordinator/ assistant: From $15/hour (Daily communication).

5. Specialists/ Expert:
Available upon request (local & native interpreters available).

6. Legalization:

The fee is from $25/document page.

These above fees exclude VAT, express translation and traveling fees to other provinces/ cities.

7. Working with us:

Click here to become our translation member or send us your updated CV/ resume to this email: nien.vo@danangexpats.com.


For translation inquiries, please contact us:

Vo Thanh Nien (Henry)

Founder/ Director

Mobile: 01277151618.

Email: nien.vo@danangexpats.com.