Jan 2017 Newsletter

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DanangExpats.com newsletter
DanangExpats.com newsletter

Issued: 06/01/2017. Updated: 13/01/2017 by DanangExpats.com.

Hot topics of this issue:

A. Expat Jobs.
This week we have 4 teaching jobs for available UK citizens.

B. DaNang Happenings.

1. Around Da Nang City.
You will know what is happening around Da Nang this month by Rick Ellis’ post.

2. Somewhere else.
a. New traffic lane plan from 10/01/2016 at The west intersections of Han river bridge. The attached map is at this page: http://vov.vn/xa-hoi/da-nang-phan-luong-giao-thong-qua-nut-phia-tay-cau-song-han-582281.vov.

b. Traffic violators will be fined through the city traffic camera system from 16/01/2017.

c. There 5 new bus routines launched in Da Nang:
They are namely Routine 5, Routine 7, Routine 8, Routine 11 and Routine 12.

3. Upcoming events.
This month, we have around 8 upcoming events/ promotions from our sponsors.

=> Click here to download full DaNang Happenings Jan 2017.

C. Local Culture.
(No update)

D. Service Updates.

1. Visa services.
a. New tourist VOA fee by DanangExpats.com.
Check it out here: http://danangexpats.com/applying-vietnam-visa-on-arrival/.

2. New fees on issuing Viet Nam visa and immigration documents.
3. Some notes on regional wage rates for employees.
4. Danang Expats Co., Ltd moved to a new location: 

Our new office: 3rd floor, 31 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau, Danang , Vietnam. (The main gate is opposite 34 Tran Phu, Da Nang).

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