Local Culture, Art & Vietnamese Classes in Da Nang

1. Vietnamese classes.

We are offering private Vietnamese classes with our experience teacher at exceptional quality at a competitive rate.

Learning Vietnamese at Danang Expats
Học tiếng Việt ở Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam.

As an expat living in Viet Nam, the language barrier is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Our experienced teachers who have expertise in teaching Vietnamese coupled with excellent English skills will support you to win this language acquisition battle.

By various practical activities and innovative approaches, you will find it enjoyable to learn Vietnamese in our classes. Our course is focused on listening and speaking skills while emphasizing on differentiation between the Northern, Southern and Middle part’s accents, or acquiring Da Nang accent if you prefer. If the tones are a nightmare for you, stay calm, our experts will show you the technique to master them, like a real local Vietnamese!

The class takes about one to two hours tailored to your need would definitely be a fun and efficient one, not to mention that there is plenty of out of class activities to practice the language in real life settings.

– Venues:

  • At your place.
  • At our teachers’ house.
  • Or at a coffee shop.

– Rate: We have 2 courses for beginners (Required paying in advance):

a. 6 month course within 48 lessons:

  • Private class: $500 (1 hour/ lesson).
  • Group class: $250/person.

b. 1 year course with 96 lessons:

  • Private class: $1000 (1 hour/ lesson).
  • Group class: $500/person.

*Note: These above fees also include Vietnamese textbook copies, printed lessons and tutoring course certificates based on each course, and are applicable for beginning and intermediate level; for advanced levels, please contact us for more details.

An exhilarating learning opportunity is waiting for you!

2. Local culture & art.

We will send you via your emails updates on local culture and art events in and around Da Nang once they happen. It’s free of charge. If you are interested, feel free to subscribe them at: http://danangexpats.com/news/.


For more inquiries, please make an appointment before your coming.

Vo Thanh Nien (Henry)

Mobile: +84-127-715-1618.

Email: nien.vo@danangexpats.com.