Bus Services in Da Nang, Viet Nam

1. Short distance bus services.

Currently there are 11 local bus services connecting Da Nang to the suburbs and surrounding areas.

A useful route for expats and tourists in Danang is: Route 1: Da Nang Central Bus Station- Hoi An Bus Station (30km/way).

Itinerary of Route 1, please visit Route 1.

Frequency: every 20 mins.

Number of trips (outbound and inbound) per day: 38 trips.

Daily operational times: from 5:30 to 17:50.

Ticket price is about 20,000 VND, an extra fee could also be charged for large size luggage.

There are 5 new launched buses in Da Nang in 2016. You can visit these links to see their routines.

Routine 5: – http://sgtvt.danang.gov.vn/attachments/5017_Tuyenso_5.jpg.

Routine 7: http://sgtvt.danang.gov.vn/attachments/5018_TuyenSo_07.jpg.

Routine 8: http://sgtvt.danang.gov.vn/attachments/5019_TuyenSo_08.jpg.

Routine 11: http://sgtvt.danang.gov.vn/attachments/5020_TuyenSo_11.jpg.

Routine 12: http://sgtvt.danang.gov.vn/attachments/5021_TuyenSo_12.jpg.

You can also visit My Son Holy Land via Route 6 Da Nang- Phu Da by stopping in between the second last stop and the last stop then take motor taxi to My Son Holy land, please ask the bus driver for more information.

Or you can visit Tam Ky City, Quang Nam via Route 4 Da Nang- Tam Ky.

Information for the remain bus routes: You can visit All bus information or visit Da Nang Central Bus Station address: 201 Ton Duc Thang Street.

2. Bus services to other provinces.
From Da Nang Central Bus Station, there are many different bus operators who offer services to other cities and provinces such as Ho Chi Minh city, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Vinh, Hai Phong, Ha Tinh… For more information, please visit:

3. Services To Laos.
There are also bus services from Da Nang to other provinces in Laos such as Savannakhek (takes 25 hours), Vientiane (takes 20 hours).

Please refer to our previous post “How to get buses from Da Nang to Laos”.

Have fun travelling!