Sala Thai – Authentic Thai Food Available in Danang

Valentine day is around the corner and nothing is better to warm up your date in this breezy weather than Thai hotpot and grilled dishes. Opening in May 2013, Sala Thai Restaurant is the only traditional Thai cuisine in Danang and arguably the best Thai restaurant in town. Sala Thai- Truly authentic Thai cuisine.  After […]

Learning Vietnamese at AEC in Danang, Vietnam

Program of Teaching Vietnamese for Foreigners in Danang: Since March 2011, ACADEMY English Center has officially launched the “Teaching Vietnamese for foreigners in Danang City” program. 1. Types of Courses: – Vietnamese for everyday communication of different levels (VEC level 1 -> VEC level 6). – Vietnamese for Specific Purposes (VSP). 2. Textbook: (Books, CD […]

About Danang, Vietnam

Danang City (also called Da Nang City) is regarded as the largest center of economy in the middle of Vietnam. It borders with Hue to the north, Quang Nam to the south and west, and the East Sea (also called Bien Dong) to the east. Ngu Hanh Son The mountain range of Danang City is […]

About us – Danang Expats Company

Danang Expats

Danang Expats Relocation & Business Startup Support Services in Da Nang, Viet Nam. Who We Are: Danang Expats Official Website ( is under the control of Danang Expats Co. Ltd, a locally founded company in Da Nang in 2012, offers some services to support expats and foreigners to work, live, do business and retire in […]

Weather forcast for Danang Vietnam

<!-Weather in Da Nang, Vietnam on your site – HTML code – –> Weather Today in Da Nang <!-end of code–>Retrieved from Wikipedia: Temperatures are typically high, with an annual average of 25.9 °C (78.6 °F). Temperatures are highest between June and August (averaging 33 to 34 °C (91 to 93 °F)), and lowest […]