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Salem Spa Danang:

It is always a great pleasure to find a haven of clam amidst the madness of this vibrant city, and that is exactly what Salem spa is. Located near the historic Cham Museum, the spa offers you an ultimate escape with sensational spa facilities, an extensive range of beauty and therapeutic treatments and a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Salem Spa in Danang, Vietnam

Salem Spa in Danang, Vietnam

Foot Reflexology:

Foot massage reflexology at Salem Spa is the blend of traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques applied to the feet and other areas to greatly help you relax the body, relieve tension and improve circulation. A reflexology session will get your energy flowing and feel great on the feet to boot!

Foot massage at Salem Spa

Foot massage at Salem Spa.

This therapeutic modality is an ideal choice for those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries.  Walk into the spa and the calm, scented and peaceful atmosphere starts to work its magic. Time stands as you relax and enjoy the treatments and therapies ranging from deeply relaxing massages to anti-ageing facials, pedicures, scrubs, warps and reflexology. And when it comes to skincare products, Salem Spa presents to you internationally inspired brands of Dermalogica, Whoo, Deadsea Premier and Murad. At the end of your visit you will emerge feeling totally refreshed and revitalized.

Allow yourself to feel indulged at Salem Spa Da Nang
06 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Hai Chau District, Danang
Tel: (0511) 3832.036