Cases in Which Temporary Residence Cards Are Issued in Viet Nam

According to the Article 36 of the Law No. 47/2014/QH13 issued on 16 June 2014 on entry, exit, transit, and residence status of foreigners in Viet Nam, there are 2 main cases that foreigners can get temporary residence cards (TRC) in Viet Nam listed below:

1. Foreigners being members of diplomatic missions, consular offices, representative offices of international organizations of the UN, intergovernmental organizations in Vietnam, their spouses, children under 18 years of age, and housemaid that go along during their term of office shall be issued with temporary residence cards with the symbol NG3.

2. Foreigners issued with LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ, TT visas shall be issued with temporary residence cards with the same symbols.

Similar with those above visa codes (LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ, TT), if you are listed in one of the following positions, you will probably obtain one of the above visas and then get TRCs in Viet Nam:

  1. A member of the two member limited liability company or more (ĐT);
  2. Owner of the one member limited liability company (ĐT);
  3. A member of the board director of the stock corporation (ĐT);
  4. Foreign lawyer who is licensed to practice following Viet Nam law by the Viet Nam Ministry of Justice;
  5. Who granted work permits in all kinds of businesses or representatives offices of foreign companies in Viet Nam (LĐ);
  6. Professionals, students, trainees who are in the national working or studying programs which is signed between the 2 Ministries of 2 countries;
  7. Relatives of the temporary resident card holders include: parents, spouse and children (TT).

About procedures for issuance of temporary residence card, according to the Article 37 of the Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on immigration, you should have these documents:

  1. A written request from the inviting entity;
  2. A declaration enclosed with a photograph 2 x3 cm ;
  3. The passport;
  4. Legal papers proving the statuses mentioned in 2 above main cases (Details at Article 36 of the Law No. 47/2014/QH13),
  5. And other legal papers from your inviting entity if required.


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