Jobs and Projects Alerts

Danang Expats Jobs & Projects Alerts are officially launched from June, 2018.

To Job/ project seekers, if you really want to get updates on latest job openings and business opportunities (for foreigners only) in and around Da Nang via your emails, feel free to send us your desired industries (for business) or your up to date CVs (for job seekers) to our secured email:, then we can better send you related jobs/ basic information on business opportunities to your inbox. We will reconfirm your free subscription emails and will not share your emails and your CVs to our third parties unless we get your permissions or you allow us to do that. No credit card is required when subscribing. We only charge if you ask for Detail projects or if a Candidate selected: around USD $330/ person or project.

To Recruiters/ Investors, please contact us via email to advertise job offers or to share business opportunities to our potential network. It’s free to advertise the first job offer and then just USD $11/ ad from 2nd job ads, or USD $165/ project.

About project alerts, please exchange project details with us via our secured email below.

(Please NOTE that we make no representation for employers/ investors and no guarantee about selected candidates/ businessmen when we do this alerting service. Therefore, we kindly request all recruiters/ investors take responsibilities for all information they share with us, and all candidates/ businessmen to contact recruiters/ investors directly to get the details. According to the laws on recruiting foreign workers, and the laws on investment/ enterprise in Vietnam, we only do alert full time jobs/ licensed projects after getting permissions.

Danang Expats Jobs & Projects Alerts will try at most to make sure that almost job openings and business opportunities are correct and up to date and we reserve the right to edit any content formats to fit to our marketing and advertising platforms or to refuse advertising any opportunities for any inappropriate reasons or for not complying Vietnam current laws).

For further information, please contact us:

Vo Thanh Nien (Henry)

Team Leader

Danang Expats Jobs & Projects Alerts