Vietnam Work Visa

Other names: Vietnam working visa; Vietnamese work visa; Vietnam business visa (short term stay).

Today Danang Expats would like to share some information about Vietnam work visa and hope you find something useful, for your work or your business trip to Vietnam.

Working purposes

  • According to the Labor Code 2019 and its relating laws, there are about 05 popular groups that you can consider to get a work visa:
  • Performing employment contracts;
  • Performing intra-company transfer program;
  • Working as volunteers;
  • Working as managers, executives, experts, technical workers;
  • Self employment.

Employment contract

Also according to the Labor Code 2019, an employment contract is valid for up to 02 years and will be extendable once , or be renewable.

Required conditions

  • Over 18 years of age and has full legal capacity;
  • Has qualifications, occupational skills, practical experience and adequate health as prescribed by the Minister of Health;
  • Has no criminal record;
  • Training certificates are required in some employment fields;
  • Eligible to enter Vietnam.

Employee rights & obligations

  • Work; Develop professional skills;
  • Take statutory sick leaves, annual paid leaves and receive collective welfare benefits if any;
  • Refuse to work if he/she finds that the work directly threatens his/her life or health;
  • Implement or unilaterally terminate the employment contract;
  • Comply with internal labor regulations, the lawful management, administration and supervision by the employer;
  • Implement regulations of laws on labor, employment, vocational education, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational safety and health;
  • Exercise other rights and obligations prescribed by law.

Salary and personal income tax

  • Depending on each job we have different salary and tax guidelines, so we will update you with detailed guidance on these topics once we get your job inquiry.
  • Salary from $2400/ month.
  • PIT from 5% to 35%.
  • Social insurance: from 9,5% (from 01/01/2022).

Working visa types

  • LD1 visa: Issued to foreigners working in Vietnam and certified of eligibility for work permit exemption, unless otherwise specified by international agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory;
  • LD2 visa: Issued to foreigners working in Vietnam requiring a work permit.
  • These types of visas are valid for up to 02 years.

Required conditions to get work visa

  • Over 18 years old.
  • Have a valid work permit in Vietnam
  • Are in good health
  • Have no criminal record no immigration violations.
  • Are sponsored by your employer.

Advantages and benefits

  • Working in livable Vietnam best cities.
  • Living cost is from $1200/ month/ person.
  • Getting 02 year work visa or temporary residence card (TRC), and then renewable.
  • Easy to open a local bank account and get bank interest if you deposit.
  • Sponsor and invite your family and relatives to immigrate to Vietnam with your TRC’s validity.
  • Easier to purchase a house or apartment or any other properties/ possessions in Vietnam.
  • Easier to convert your home country driver licenses into Vietnamese ones.
  • Easier to process any other paperwork with the government authorities.
  • Getting expat tips, relocation advice and immigration paperwork consultancy from our team.
  • And much more…!