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Vietnam Visa Consultation Service

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1. Vietnamese Visas:

Vietnam visa means a document issued by a competent authority of Vietnam to a foreigner to grant entry into Vietnam.

Her are some popular visa types issued for foreigners to Vietnam:

Ā Visa Type Issuing for Purpose and validity
Tourist visa Foreign tourists Tourism and valid up to 30 days.
Work visa Foreign workers Working in Vietnam, up to 2 years.
Investor visa Foreign investors Investing in Vietnam, up to 5 years.
Family visa Spouse or foreign Family members Visiting family in Vietnam, up to 1 year.
Study visas Students Studying in Vietnam, up to 1 year.
Business visa Businessmen Doing business in Vietnam in 03 months.
E-visa Foreign tourists One of tourist visa classes, up to 30 days.
Other visas Others For about 15 remaining purposes.

Ā Ā 

2. What we can do:

+ Answer simple questions about any Vietnamese visas.

+ Share with you necessary conditions, required documents and the entire process to get a Vietnam visa.

+ Check your eligibility to obtain a specific visa in Vietnam, such as work visa, investor visa and family visa.

Ā + Give advice on how to get a long term visa in Vietnam or provide possible solutions to your visa issues.

+ Assist with you and your company to file documents to extend, renew or transfer your current visas.

+ Help you to solve other relocation and residence issues related to your visa while working and living in Vietnam.

Ā 3. Our service:

Service Visa consulting service.
Type Online or meeting in person.
Duration From 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Team Danang Expats
Fee From $11. State fee: Exclusive.
Deposit No deposit. 100% payable upfront.
Payment Paypal, credit card, banking or by cash.Ā RefundableĀ depending on specific cases.
Details Please reach us at

4. How it works:

Consulting progress: Make payment => Answer our pre-questions => Provide more documents if any => Get our advice or our detailed information about your visa inquiry => Get our paperwork assistance if any => Hand over the results then get our invoice if any => Complete.

5. Why us:

+ Transparent consulting.

+ Saving your working time.

+ Experienced support team.

+ Help you have a well arranged trip.

+ Feel safer when applying for your new visa.

+ Feel convenient when living in Vietnam with a long term visa.

+ And getting more added values from our long term support.

6. How to contact us:

Please visit our contact page for more contacting methods.

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