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1. Work permit.

Define An official certificate issued by the Dolisa to allow its holder to work legally in Vietnam.
Validity Up to 2 years.
Process 5 - 10 weeks. Extendable once.
Salary From $1000/ month.
For Foreign employees over 18, valid passport and proper Vietnamese visa.
Applied By legit employers in Vietnam.
Cons In good health, no criminal records, qualifications and experience.


2. Why working in Vietnam.

  • Improved infrastructure.
  • Qualified human resources.
  • Pro-business environment.
  • Rich tourism potential.
  • Peaceful living environment.
  • Low-carbon model cities.
  • And much more …!

3. What we can do.

  • Provide detailed information about work permit: Conditions, requirements, employment contract, rights and obligations, personal income tax, social insurance, …
  • Share with you the entire process of getting your work permit.
  • Help your company HR department to complete the documents!
  • Coordinate with you to solve other issues related to your work.

4. Your advantages and benefits.

  • Working in any livable Vietnam best cities.
  • Living cost in Vietnam is from $1200/ month/ person.
  • Getting a 02 year work visa or temporary residence card (TRC), and then would be renewable.
  • Easy to open a local bank account and get your  bank interest if deposit.
  • Sponsor and invite your family and relatives to immigrate to Vietnam with your TRC’s validity period of time.
  • Easier to purchase a house or apartment or any other properties/ possessions in Vietnam.
  • Easier to process any other paperwork with the government authorities.
  • Getting expat tips, relocation advice and immigration paperwork consultancy from our team.
  • And much more…!

5. Service summary.

Service Work permit consulting.
Industry Relocation services.
Scope Mentioned above.
Serving Foreign workers into Vietnam.
Area Vietnam nationwide.
Fee From $110/ person.
Pay Online or cash. 100% upfront. No refundable.
Work Online or meeting in person.
Time From 02 hours.
Details Please reach us at


6. How it works.

Consulting progress: Make payment <=> Answer our pre-questions => Provide more documents if any => Get our advice or our detailed information about your inquiry => Hand over the results then get our invoice if any => Complete.

7. How to contact us.

Please visit our contact page for more contacting methods.

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